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Swear by your computer, not at it.

Swear by your computer, not at it.

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TekBasics Topics

TekBasics Topics

TekBasics Topics is a blog that is updated occasionally with tips, news, and advice of interest to TekBasics clients.

What you need to know about backing up your Mac

If you’re a TekBasics client you’ve probably heard us preach how important it is to back up your Mac. It’s easy to suddenly lose all of your files so backing up is mandatory!

We’ve published a brief 5-lesson backup tutorial, right here on the TekBasics website:

Lesson 1: Why back up?

Lesson 2: Will your disk fail?

Lesson 3: Why a Duplicate Backup?

Lesson 4: Why a Versioned Backup?

Lesson 5: Why an offsite backup?

This tutorial is the most important information on our website. Please take time to read it now.

New service: TekBasics Topics blog

Today we added a new service for TekBasics clients. The TekBasics Topics blog alerts you to Apple product-related advice, news and tips. These topics will be emailed periodically to TekBasics clients. You can return to the blog section of the TekBasics website to access past topics, and you can subscribe via the RSS feed. We hope you find the information useful and call us when you have issues.

Scam alert! It happened to a client, and then it happened to me

In August a client called me, concerned she might have been scammed.

She received a phone call from a guy with an Indian accent who said he was from Microsoft technical support and he was calling because her computer was causing problems with the World Wide Web. She let him install software on her Mac so he could demonstrate the problem to her. (She realized later it was absurd that Microsoft was calling her… she uses a Mac, not Microsoft Windows.) He fast-talked her into purchasing virus protection software for $200, which he installed remotely.

When she called me to ask if this was legitmate I advised that she contact her credit card company and cancel the transaction. Turns out the scammer also billed her for five years of software updates at $50 per year. She cancelled her credit card and ordered a replacement. Because her computer had been compromised she was concerned about her privacy, so TekBasics reformatted her disk and reinstalled her applications, eliminating any trace of the scammer’s software.

Two weeks ago I received a phone call from someone promoting the same scam. They’re out there. Be alert and do not fall for this scam.

You can find many reports of this scam by searching the web for ‘Microsoft support scam.’

UPDATE 7/7/2015: Scary Internet Scam Becoming Disturbingly Common

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TekBasics Topics is a blog that is updated occasionally with tips, news and advice of interest to TekBasics clients. TekBasics provides consulting and support for Apple product users near Nashua, NH.

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I’m Dave Price and I've used Macintosh since it launched in 1984. I've always been the go-to Mac guy during my teaching years and high-tech career. I started TekBasics in 2010 because of the need for an Apple resource in the Nashua area. I look forward to working with you, whether it's troubleshooting or learning more about Apple technology.

When I'm not on my Mac I enjoy spending time with my family. I'm a husband and father to three grown kids and I'm blessed that my two grandkids live nearby.

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